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About Cloudesk

We are an IT venture powered by Open Source Software.
There is now an open source software for about everything imaginable!
Majority of the world wide web is run by open source software such as Apache, or Nginx.
Most of the worlds smart phones are run by Android, also an open source software.
Banks use open source software such as Redhat on their servers.
Even governments start using open source software such as Open Office.

Which begs the question:
Why are small and medium businesses still struggling to adapt open source business software?

Cloudesk fills the gap in Cloud services providing Initially Free, Ready-for-Use, Affordable yet Scalable Solutions for small and medium businesses.

Our goal is to make available hand-picked Open Source Business Software handling the most common business functions.

We have delivered one today, starting with OpenERP. And we will deliver more.
How many and what more will be added depends on YOU. Join us in our journey!

Cloudesk is a service by Ossteq
ABN: 71690918188
1 Howard Avenue, Green Point, New South Wales 2251, Australia

FREE 1000 Mb Cloud space

That's good enough for small companies who only need one or two modules such as Sales CRM or Accounting & Invoicing.

OpenERP Includes

• Sales & Customer
  Relationship Mgt.
• Accounting and Finance
• Purchase Management
• Human Resources
• Project Management
• Issue Tracker
• Point of Sale
• Manufacturing
• Warehouse Management
• Fleet Management
• Events Organisation