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Cloud ERP


Infrastructure-as-a-Service for Small and Medium Businesses


We provide a hosted complete Enterprise Resource Planning system that is ready to use from day one!

We take care of ensuring it is accessible all the time, anytime, from anywhere.
We do the worrying to keep the service secure and stable.


Our solution is based on OpenERP software, hosted in Cloudesk owned Linux servers.
When you sign-up, you get ALL these features!


Sales & Customer Relationship Management

Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoicing, Leads, Opportunities, Phone Calls

This application enables a group of people to intelligently and efficiently manage sales leads, opportunities, meetings and phone calls.

It manages key tasks such as communication, identification, prioritization, assignment, resolution and notification.

Sales Management for Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoicing
This application allows you to manage your sales goals in an effective and efficient manner by keeping track of all sales orders and history.
It handles the full sales workflow from Quotation -> Sales order -> Invoice

Accounting and Finance

Financial and Analytic Accounting, Invoices and Payments

This application allows you to perform Financial and Analytic Accounting with all accounting features such as journal items and the chart of accounts.

This enables Invoicing & Payments by Accounting Voucher & Receipts

The specific and easy-to-use Invoicing system allows you to keep track of your accounting, even when you are not an accountant. It provides an easy way to follow up on your suppliers and customers.

Purchase Management

Purchase Orders, Receiving, Supplier Invoices

Purchase management enables you to track your suppliers' price quotations and convert them into purchase orders if necessary. It has several methods of monitoring invoices and tracking the receipt of ordered goods. You can handle partial deliveries, so you can keep track of items that are still to be delivered in your orders, and you can issue reminders automatically.

Human Resources Management

Staffing, Recruitment, Timesheets, Leaves, Expense, Appraisals

This application enables you to manage important aspects of your company's staff and other details such as their skills, contacts, working time.
The Recruitment Process allows you to easily keep track of jobs, vacancies, applications, interviews.

Other features include: Timesheets, Employee directory, Employee expense, Employee appraisals, and Leave management.

Project Management

Projects, Tasks, Resources

Enables Tracking of multi-level projects, tasks, work done on tasks
This application allows an operational project management system to organize your activities into tasks and plan the work you need to get the tasks completed.

Gantt charts will give you a graphical representation of your project plans, as well as resources availability and workload.

Issue Tracker

Support, Helpdesk, Bug Tracker

This application allows you to manage the issues you might face in services you provide, client complaints or material breakdowns.
It allows the manager to quickly check the issues, assign them and decide on their status quickly as they evolve.

Point of Sale

Touchscreen Interface for Shops

Allows you to sell from anywhere via a Touchscreen Web Interface Point of Sales Terminal.
It is compatible with any touch screen PC and any iPad or Android tablet, offering multiple payment methods.


Material Requirements Planning, Manufacturing Orders, Bill of Materials, Routing

The manufacturing module allows you to cover planning, ordering, stocks and the manufacturing or assembly of products from raw materials and components. It handles the consumption and production of products according to a bill of materials and the necessary operations on machinery, tools or human resources according to routings.

Warehouse Management

Inventory, Logistic, Storage

The warehouse and inventory management is based on a hierarchical location structure, from warehouses to storage bins. The double entry inventory system allows you to manage customers, suppliers as well as manufacturing inventories. The system has the capacity to manage lots and serial numbers ensuring compliance with the traceability requirements imposed by the majority of industries.

Fleet Management

Vehicle, leasing, insurances, costs

This module helps you in managing all your vehicles, the contracts associated to those vehicle as well as services, fuel log entries, costs and many other features necessary to the management of your fleet of vehicle(s).

Events Organisation

Trainings, Conferences, Meetings, Exhibitions, Registrations

The event module allows you to efficiently organise events and all related tasks: planification, registration tracking, attendances, etc.

FREE 1000 Mb Cloud space

That's good enough for small companies who only need one or two modules such as Sales CRM or Accounting & Invoicing.


When your company and usage grows, you can upgrade anytime to a suitable plan - no pressure, easily scalable!


Available Upgrade Plans

10 Gb DB $10.00 USD/mo

20 Gb DB $19.00 USD/mo

40 Gb DB $36.00 USD/mo

80 Gb DB $64.00 USD/mo

160 Gb DB $112.00 USD/mo

320 Gb DB $192.00 USD/mo

640 Gb DB $320.00 USD/mo

1280 Gb DB $512.00 USD/mo


Cloud Contact Center


People Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses


Cloud Contact Center service enables Cloudesk to act as your customer contact center and handle inbound and outbound calls, email, chat, and other business transactions on behalf of your company, while being transparent to your customers. We leverage the latest cloud based VOIP telephony technology and our own ERP and CRM cloud software platform to make all of this possible, enabling us to serve customers globally.


The service can be plugged into your existing business process to support any integral part of your operations – it may be a Customer Order hotline, Tele-Sales, Customer Service Desk, or a Tech Support center – depending on your type of business. Cloudesk takes care of your customers' communication needs, making sure each call, email, or chat is answered in a timely manner by friendly and competent staff. What makes many businesses fail is not how bad their products are – but how frustrated their customers are in trying to reach a live agent.


  • 78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience.
  • 67% of customers have hung up the phone out of frustration they could not talk to a real person.

  • Source: American Express Survey



What are the Benefits?

Leverage Cloudesk's wide experience in contact center technology and service management - let your company be known for Great Customer Service. Take advantage of our pool of skilled and experienced staff and have them at your disposal.


Considerably reduce staffing, equipment, and office space costs – a guaranteed 40% or higher cost savings on your monthly operational costs. Prompt, and professional communications for your customers. Eliminate the headache of recruitment and employment processing, get twice the manpower for half the price.


You can now focus on business growth and product development, while leaving the customer care hassles to Cloudesk.


If you would like to know how much less you need to beef up your operations now, please click on for a no-commitment automated quote!


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Start with two or more contact center agents.



When your company and customer base grows, you can add staff any time - make your business truly scalable with ease!